How to pay for my ride?

At the end of the ride, you can check your total ride bill on driver’s app screen. You will also be informed about the bill amount through a push notification.

You can Pick a payment option before you confirm a booking from Cash, Fasto Wallet, PayPal, Credit/Debit card to pay for your Fasto ride.

  • Cash - When opting for paying with cash for your Fasto ride, we request you to check that you are carrying enough cash/ change to settle your bill. To save yourself from the hassle of tendering exact change, we recommend to ride cashless with Fasto Wallet or pay by Card or PayPal.

  • Fasto Wallet - If you have opted to pay with Wallet, the bill amount will be automatically deducted from your Fasto Wallet. In case your Fasto Wallet balance is insufficient, you will need to pay the remaining amount in cash.

  • Credit/Debit Card - If you have opted to pay by Card, you will need to settle the bill for your ride from your Fasto app after the ride. On opening the Fasto app, you will be prompted to make the payment for your last ride. You can pay for your ride by using your selected card or using Fasto Wallet.

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