Why is cancellation fee charged?

If you feel that you were charged a cancellation fee incorrectly, you can request a Cancellation Fee Waiver. You can request a Cancellation Fee Waiver to the Support team.

Cancellation fee is charged to compensate drivers for the time, effort and fuel spent while trying to reach the pickup location.

You may be charged a cancellation fee if any one of the following occurs:

(a) A trip is canceled after 3 (three) minutes or later from the time of acceptance of the ride by driver or

(b) A driver cancels the booking after waiting at your pickup location for 5 minutes or more

However, the cancellation fee will not be charged if the driver is delayed in reaching the picking up location by more than 5 minutes from the shown estimated time of arrival.

The cancellation fee amount may vary depending on your city, and the vehicle category selected.

A cancellation fee, if charged, will be added to the total bill amount of your next Fasto ride.

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