Tips for a Safe Trip


  • Always enter your drop location while booking the ride
  • Verify your driver and two-wheeler details on the Fasto app before boarding the ride
  • Always insist that the driver follows the navigation as shown on the driver app
  • Ask for the helmet to the drive before hopping on.
  • Share your ride details with your loved ones
  • Ensure that you have added your Emergency Contacts on the Fasto app
  • Always raise an alert by pressing the Emergency Button on your Fasto app in case of emergency
  • Always be alert to your surroundings and the route


Don’t engage in short talks or personal conversations with the driver

Don’t share any personal information with the driver

Don’t allow the driver to take a detour from the route or make unexpected stops

Don’t engage in an argument with the driver. In case of any disagreement, reach out to Fasto Support for help

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